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Our Latest Creation
Insane Grains
INSANE GRAINS Super Premium Oatmeal Packets

INSANE GRAINS Super Premium Oatmeal Packets:Umpqua Oats has created a premium line of packets for at home enjoyment.

Apple Cranberry

Fruit & Nut

Maple Pecan

Insane Grains
Variety Pack

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The Creator
Creator Norm
Norm Price
Hey, My name is Norm and I’m known as the “Mad Scientist” here at Umpqua Oats.

I’m often found wandering the halls looking for other Oaties in the building to sample one of my crazy new flavors. I have to admit it takes a few trials to get them perfect like Salted Caramel Meltdown and Jackpot.

There are some awesome new flavors in the works, that I know will be big hits in the months to come.

If you think you have a good flavor idea, shoot us an email via our contact page.