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The Umpqua Story


That’s what we thought when a coffee shop served our daughters a bowl of oatmeal that came straight out of a drab paper packet. We wanted flavor. We expected energy. We needed an honest meal. Instead? We got mush.


Around that breakfast table, as our kids got psyched for their soccer match, Umpqua Oats was born. Why was no one making a healthy, delectable, grab-and-go oatmeal, we wondered. We fantasized about the flavors we’d be eager to buy. We discussed what it would take to make us love oatmeal again. When our kids had finally heard enough, they suggested, “If it’s such a great idea, why don’t you both do it?”


We mixed up the first batch of Umpqua Oats in Sheri’s kitchen. As we spooned out servings, word of our reimagined oatmeal began to spread beyond Oregon’s Umpqua Valley. Today, those recipes — and new ones — outmatch the biggest international brands. We’re making the healthiest and highest-quality oatmeal on the planet, and we’re having a blast doing it!

Umpqua? We hear oomp-kah, oo-kwah, umk and kwum-pan. It's UMP + KWAH!

"Umpqua" is a beautiful green valley in Southern Oregon known for the Umpqua River and the Umpqua Tribe of Indians. The Umpqua Valley is where we were born and raised, and where Umpqua was found. It is also a Native American word originally meaning "satisfied stomach!"

Team Bios



I’m one of the girls behind all the glamour here at Umpqua. I head up all western U.S. and Club Stores sales for the world’s best oatmeal company, and I’m proud to be from the beautiful Umpqua Valley. I love playing tennis and I live for great coffee, wine, and — of course — oatmeal!



We each wear many hats here, but officially I oversee sales in the eastern US and Canada. I’m passionate about my work, my colleagues, and my family — including five incredible children who keep me grounded and out of trouble. I consider myself a very lucky and blessed person!



As Umpqua’s ingredient obtainer and taste tester, it’s my job to come up with new flavors, from instant hits like Triple Berry to ideas better left unrealized, like… Dill Pickle? When I’m not in the kitchen, you can often find me boating or cheering on Oregon State University. Go Beavs!